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Alex and Phia Make a Beat 3

What is this mess?! The kids producing another hit! (I love making these with them).


Alex and Phia Make a Beat 2

When you fall asleep while watching the kids, and they make a beat while you’re asleep.



Bulls 2013-2014 “From Chicago” song update and more updates update

Thank you for the continued support of our Bulls song (“From Chicago”). The Bulls are off to a rough start, but we will be fine, D. Rose is BACK! A lot of requests coming in to keep updating the song, hopefully we can oblige for this season.

Until then, check out some of the other projects I’ve been working on. Illatribe has some new videos on the way with J. Wood ready to drop his album finally. I’m working on new music with Arro and Alecia. and make sure to grab the Prelude album “Full Strenf” as I produced almost half of that masterpiece! Read more


Summertime Chi – My First Music Video Venture

Here is my first music video I’ve completed solo. Yay! I worked on this with friend and Team Gone artist Apatight. The joint effort with photographer extraordinaire Adam Milton for the Illatribe track “Let Em Know” is still in the works, as well as something for Prelude. I basically worked with my T2i and a variety of lenses and gear. We went around Chicago shooting everything from Lake Shore Drive, Montrose Beach, Downtown, Different neighborhoods, our Bday BBQ (he stole my birthday), and Pressure Point Studio. Read more


I discovered how to make gifs, nobody is safe!

So an awesome by-product of starting to do more and more music videos, is learning how to do these ridiculous things… yea.

Nobody is safe.





Peter Jericho Single – “BODI” (Produced By Covelli)

Here’s a link to the single, “BODI”, I produced for Peter Jericho’s upcoming album “First Generation” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bv29_X0XVNo

Peter Jericho is currently working on his new album “First Generation” where “Bodi” the new single debuts. The inspiration behind “Bodi” came out of an unexpected trip back to Cameroon in December 2012 after he had not been home for over 10 years. Not only was he reunited with his family and old friends but he found himself inspired by the music and immersed in the culture. Read more


“Let Em Know” – Illatribe Music Video Coming Soon

Some behind the scene shots & still frames from the “Let Em Know” music video by Illatribe being filmed by Adam Milton and Brian Covelli:

https://www.facebook.com/CovelliProductions Read more