Peter Jericho Single – “BODI” (Produced By Covelli)

Here’s a link to the single, “BODI”, I produced for Peter Jericho’s upcoming album “First Generation” –

Peter Jericho is currently working on his new album “First Generation” where “Bodi” the new single debuts. The inspiration behind “Bodi” came out of an unexpected trip back to Cameroon in December 2012 after he had not been home for over 10 years. Not only was he reunited with his family and old friends but he found himself inspired by the music and immersed in the culture.

Peter Jericho experienced what it meant to celebrate life as people there always had a positive perspective of life despite their shortcomings or challenging circumstances. He realized that people in Cameroon really loved to dance to music, that as long as it was a familiar up-tempo rhythm, they would connect with the song even if they did not necessarily understand the lyrics. That is how “Bodi” flourished, a song made solely for people to move their bodies and at least for that moment be worry free.

This album represents in retrospect all the different cultures he belongs to due to him growing up in more than one system of living. Being a first generation African American, he understands that there are many first generations out there like him, whether they are of African, Asian or Hispanic descent, Peter Jericho has found ways to relate to them through his music. For more information on Peter Jericho:


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