Brian Covelli

Brian Covelli, known professionally as Coco Covelli, is a rising star in the music production industry, bringing his unique blend of technical skills and creative flair to the beats he crafts. Showcasing a versatile and unique style in his beat-making, he has landed a wide variety of projects in many genres, catching the attention of some big names in the process.

His recent surprise collaboration with his music idol, the legendary producer Timbaland, is the latest viral moment. Timbaland featured one of Covelli’s beats during a live studio session, and began singing and beatboxing on the spot, which quickly went viral and showcased Coco’s talent to a wider audience. The unexpected feature has opened doors for more opportunities, a testament to the journey of so many bedroom beatmakers turned professional music producers navigating the modern music industry.

In addition to his work as a producer for hire, Coco is actively seeking new placement opportunities and looking for singers and songwriters to bring his beats to life and reach new audiences. Coco Covelli is developing a strong online presence through social media and music platforms SoundCloud and BeatStars. He is also utilizing his presence on TikTok to reach out to artists directly, collaborate, and promote his music.

Through collaboration, winning beat battles, and some luck with submitting to “who’s looking” lists, Coco has increased his exposure as an up-and-coming producer. Both versatile and innovative, Coco Covelli is constantly evolving his sound as musical tastes expand. With a passion for creating music that connects with audiences, he is dedicated to delivering beats that ignite emotions and drive creativity.

Whether working with emerging artists or collaborating with industry legends, Coco Covelli is a producer with a vision, constantly seeking opportunities to showcase his talent and bring his unique sound to the masses. With his growing list of collaborations, Coco Covelli is a producer to watch in the coming years.

Covelli in the studio with Illatribe

Working freelance, Covelli has created an impressive catalog of tracks. With production in the genres of Hip-Hop, R&B, Dancehall, Pop, Rock, Reggaeton & Latin Music, Covelli is quickly becoming one of the most sought after young producers in the business.

Introducing Coco Covelli, the multi-talented producer who began developing an ear for music production at an early age. As a teenager, local Chicago producers introduced him to the music studio environment, and he quickly became comfortable. Treating the studio the same as a classroom, he ambitiously yet patiently studied and dissected the music that he was passionate about. Under the tutelage of a seasoned professional, Covelli learned the first steps of using a mixing board and sequencing software.

Covelli slowly started building a home studio starting with an old Yamaha DJX keyboard his father gave to him when he was a child. He still uses the keyboard today as one of his midi controllers. He continued to study, produce, and compose music from his bedroom studio throughout his childhood, collaborating with various artists from online communities. From internet collaborations to the local Chicago scene, the catalog kept growing. It wasn’t until Covelli linked up with Arrogant, the “Chi-town Prince”, that he really began to make moves with established and recognized artists. During college, Brian won “Best Producer” while producing SIU’s updated fight song entitled “I’m A Dawg” featuring longtime collaborator Dub Zero. The song continues to be played at all SIU athletic events, and has appeared on ESPN broadcasts and in ads for Barking Dawg Productions.

Coco’s professional journey in the music industry began as an intern at the prestigious Rax Trax Recording Studio in Chicago, where he learned from some of the best in the business and gained valuable hands-on experience. Studio owner Rick Barnes introduced Brian to audio engineer for The Cool Kids, JP Keller. He began assisting JP with The Cool Kids sessions and a wide-variety of mixing sessions. Learning from one of the top local engineers helped to take his skill to the next level.

He continued to pursue his passion by working for Clear Channel’s KISS FM radio station as an audio editor for the popular radio shows DreX in the Morning and the Ryan Seacrest Show. Covelli’s music was also featured on WGCI as music beds for The Morning Riot.

In his first “viral” moment, Coco won the updated fight song contest for the Chicago Bears hosted by Safety Chris Harris in the 2010-2011 season. Though the song has updated a few times over the years (like their QB situation), he has amassed over a million views for these sports anthems. After winning the iStandard Producers Chicago beat battle, he was invited to feature at Beast of the Beats in NYC and the ASCAP expo in L.A.

Covelli’s freelancing also led him to work with many creative artists including Math Hoffa, Iron Solomon, Peter Jericho, Prelude to a Million, Arrogant, Illatribe, and many more. Additional notable discography included R&B singer Andreus featured in Rolling Stone Magazine, Stevie G, Shakespeare Theater, and various rappers featured in national mixtapes such as Vice Raw (Respect the South mixtape). Vice noted Covelli and Phrequency as “two of the best producers on the planet without question” in an interview by, a premiere source for the Hip-Hop industry’s news.

He has placed tracks featuring brands, franchises, and teams including Yogen Fruz, the Chicago Bears, the Chicago Bulls, and U.S. Soccer.

Recently spotlighted by the legendary producer Timbaland, further solidifying his position as a rising force in the music industry. He is now seeking new opportunities for collaboration and placement, and is eager to work with singers and songwriters to bring their musical visions to life.

If you appreciate his music reach out and show some support. Brian Covelli is tired of writing about himself in third person and is going to stop now.