Music Production – The core service offered is Music Production.  Whether you are looking for the next top 100 billboard song or have a unique vision you want brought to reality, you have come to the right place.  Take a listen to the music player and you will find examples of records that match the genre or market you are aiming for.  The production process varies from record to record.  We can be involved in every step of your project or provide a catalog of ready to order music for your convenience.  A collection of musicians are at your disposal for your project as well.  If you would like even more examples of past works or to discuss your project further please contact me at [email protected]

Recording – You are looking for quality.  You are concerned about cost.  Again, you have come to the right place.  After earning a degree in Audio Production and earning awards for Music Production and Best Collaboration, I assisted some of the best engineers in Chicago while doing internships at Rax Trax recording studio and Clear Channel for Kiss FM.  With the experience of recording everything from hip-hop groups like The Cool Kids to larger gospel groups and rock bands, I am prepared to bring my experience to your recording.  Contact me about scheduling a recording session here or at the studio of your choice.

Songwriting – Struggling to find great completed reference tracks? Need a songwriter to help you complete your record?  Check out the music player for songs with reference vocals and chorus sections already recorded. Again, there is a collection of songwriters available, including myself, and all you have to do is shoot me an email and we can discuss your specific project.

Pitch Correction – Auto-tune is not the only pitch correction being used.  Over my years in the music business I have had the experience of working on a broad collection of music, and almost every genre from R&B to Country to Metal has been touched up with pitch correction.  My tool of choice is Melodyne, and I have years of experience tweaking even the best vocal performances and harmonies.

No cookie cutter plug-ins used here, I take the time to fix and improve the details you ask for in the performance given to me. Contact me if you are seeking to have a project cleaned up whether it is just minor corrections or you’re looking for a flawless auto-tuned recording.