Summertime Chi – My First Music Video Venture

Here is my first music video I’ve completed solo. Yay! I worked on this with friend and Team Gone artist Apatight. The joint effort with photographer extraordinaire Adam Milton for the Illatribe track “Let Em Know” is still in the works, as well as something for Prelude. I basically worked with my T2i and a variety of lenses and gear. We went around Chicago shooting everything from Lake Shore Drive, Montrose Beach, Downtown, Different neighborhoods, our Bday BBQ (he stole my birthday), and Pressure Point Studio.

All these years in Creative Suite and Photoshop have some use in the music video world now that I invested in the equipment. Editing with Premiere Pro and After Effects is similar to the music production world in that you sit editing for hours and your wife thinks you are insane and then its 5 in the morning and you have work tomorrow but you don’t care because you aren’t tired and you are passionate about it being perfect and it’s fun to you anyways… and sorry for the run on sentences… enjoy my first effort, and check out this man’s wardrobe choice and sweet ride!

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