From Chicago – Chicago Bulls Anthem 2011-2012

This is the song circulating around Chicago as the unofficial Chicago Bulls Anthem. Take a listen and, if you enjoy it as much as everyone has so far, pass it on! Presented by – The group that brought you “Bearin Down Da Song (Chicago Bears Anthem). We created the 2011 Chicago Bulls song for the #1 Seed in the East, your Chicago Bulls! Featuring Bobby Burns (1st Verse), J. Wood (2nd Verse), Deandreas (Bridge), WordP (3rd Verse), and P. Jericho (Chorus with Stacey King). Mixed By Matt Wheeler at Rax Trax Recording in Chicago. Song and Video produced by Brian Covelli.


Chorus  Did you not get the memo? That we’re running it Did you not get the memo? That we’re on fire I wanna go higher All the way to the Championship Say Chicago! (2X) First Verse – Bobby “Babo” Burns Chicago bulls stampeding you don’t wanna take this charge not even its not even, we can play one on five for a quarter bet we come back and beat them Got a pg cross you to the next season got bigs aint happy if they aint d’ing up the other team 100 points won’t see it Unless you watching Wilt Chamberlain or playing Cleveland And i aint siding with lebron, or dwayne wade just cuz he played in oak lawn I approach this song with the same intensity the bulls gon’ use to get the throne, let’s get it on with some jazz players I think I’m Jerry Sloan pistol pete, lets win the East And the west looking frail, not a worry in me anotha ship for the windy Chorus Second Verse – Jonathan “Jwood” Underwood Stand up for the whole dynasty How can we forget beating every team I never can, the sunny days at grant park Us flooding the street cuz we won another ring Everybody’s going crazy, barbecues blazing You hear the car horn, from your front lawn So you run and get your scream on For your favorite team all night Getting rowdy on the street corner How bout the guy who lived up to all the hype Made the whole world say I WANT TO BE LIKE MIKE Scottie Pippen should have had a shoe, and a statue Give it up for the legends how we miss you 72 wins, couple 3 peats, WHERE THEY DO THAT AT? CHI CITY We want the whole enchilada, bro that’s the motto I, I, I’m from CHICAGO Chorus Bridge – Deandreas B-U-L-L-S (2X) D-Rose M-V-P Say it M-V-P (2x) (Repeat) Third Verse- WordP The prodigal son has returned With supa hops, and a first step you can’t learn Korver’s on fire can’t deny him try to block it And you may get burned; you should wait your turn Joakim grab the boards; dish the ball off to Deng No look to Boozer, he lights it up and makes it rain And my favorite bulls, be the luvavbulls We untouchable like Capone Chorus

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