I’ve always believed a musician’s bio should be written by the artist. It’s hard to comprehend why something so personal would be described in third person. So, I’m Word-P! I create music, sound, rhythm, and noise, because it “moves” me. Music doesn’t require any grand explanation or purpose; its existence is enough.

My lyrical style (as it relates to music) was influenced by my early poetry. Before the studio sessions and shows, I would write for hours to clear my head. Writing gave me a gateway to express suppressed emotions; which was needed when I decided to drop out of Loyola University and work full time. But obviously that type of decision weighs heavy on your heart, because your future seems to get a little blurrier.

Getting in the booth for the first time felt like entering a space craft; and all the unfamiliar lights and gadgets made me feel like, “I’m going to crash this Sh#%!.” But the first time I heard my vocals over a Brian Covelli Production, I knew I would be chasing the feeling I got forever.

In 2009 I started a record label with a childhood friend. We chose the name Turncoat Music, because we knew the major label route wasn’t for us; so in a sense we are rebels against that old music industry model. For us, the possibilities in music (in all areas) are infinite, and I’m having fun exploring! From our entire team: Welcome to our Turncoat reality!

Songs Produced:

Frozen Yogurt
Rocket to the Moon
Change My Mind
Under Surveillance
Palace of Open Doors
Construction Zone
Broken Escalator
So Vintage
Your Face
She Wants Me
Run Too Far
Cant Be Love