Arrogant is about to take center stage with his contribution to the rap game. Hailing from the south side of Chicago, Arro gant has provided his skills and creativity on several records, so he knows that flow and concept counts if you want to be heard on a constant level in the rap business.

With his heavily radio rotated (WGCI, Power 92, B96, Sirius Satellite, and many overseas markets), and BET video single Swing On His A** Almost some 10 odd years ago, he made his mark in the history books of Chicago LEGENDS. With records produced by new found history making producer B C of NECRONAM PRODUCTIONS and Matthew “Vudu McAllister” (Ludacris “Large Amounts” and Grammy nominated single “Georgia”), Arrogant is quickly being recognized as one of the best new artist coming out of the Chicago area. When you come out to the public, the best way is to come out swinging and this single does just that.

The tracks from new album (PLAN A: Achieve Legendary Status) show the creativity blended with dope lyrics and some soulful R&B sounds that make these tracks good potentials for something big; and have set the pace for Arro gants first single in 3 years. This rapper says that he wants his listeners to get a sense LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, APPRECIATION and RESPECT when listening to his music. He describes his work as REAL and PROFESSIONAL

Arrogant, whose name comes from his peers on the street, says that even though this project has taken some time; he has waited patiently and is now ready to deliver his message. So keep your ears GLUED to the radio and OPEN when In the STREETS for this newcomer is coming out strong; as well as; coming out swinging…. WATCH OUT WORLD HERE HE COMES “ARRO GANT”

Songs Produced:

I Can Do That

Lost Souls

Real Talk

We Don’t Need You

Night Night