Team Gone is a collaborative rap effort founded by Apatight and Moneyline Marcus in Chicago, IL during the summer of 2012. Specializing in party songs, solid lyricism and sick beats. Team Gone is slated to release their first project “The Joint EP” in late 2013. These guys make the type of songs you can play on the jukebox at your favorite bar, throw on at your house party, or even blast out of the boombox at your backyard barbeque.

Apatight, also known as Brandon Cunningham, is a Hip Hop artist born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He is known for his music that depicts partying, life struggles, and real life. Ap attended high school at Whitney Young in Chicago, then went on to study at Purdue University. College didn’t work out so well, due to some poor life decisions. After returning to the Chi, he has been working full time to make ends meet. About a year ago, he reunited with his high school homie Moneyline Marcus, and they formed Team Gone. Team Gone is a collective of musical talent that promotes late nights and bad decisions… It’s more than a name, it is a lifestyle.

“Apatight’s first album, Food 4 Thought, is now released and available on Bandcamp

I met Apatight down at SIU, where we recorded a lot and partied even more as a part of the Happy House crew. It’s easy to be creative when you are working with close friends, especially with our group of clowns and markasstricktrickassmarks. Down at Southern, I made tons of tracks (listed below) with B and Krazy K. When back in Chicago, I met Marcus and have been recording, making beats, and working on projects with these guys ever since.

Now that I’ve taken on a new venture in doing music videos. I offered to do his Summetime Chi video to get a chance to practice my shooting, editing, and directing skills. Check it out below, it’s my first video, and most people are telling me they would never think it was my first one. Lot’s of feel good feedback haha, which is how the video is supposed to be anyway.

Songs Produced:

Summertime Chi (Re-Created/Co-Produced with Moneyline Marcus)


Sticky Green

Mic Gripped Tight

Hip Hop Nation

If I Could Fly

Roll Up

Front Seat Girl

No Chaser

and many more TBA or to be created