Adam Milton Photography

During my time at SIU I met a lot of talented people who leave no doubt in my mind that they are the best of the best at what they do. Adam Milton is one of those people. I worked with him in a few of our Audio Production classes on music projects and recording sessions. We came up with some great stuff including our final project (the beat “Go That Far” in the music player on the right). He played a nasty bass line and even did his best bass vocal (a la Nate Dogg) on the song.

Musical talent aside, and he has a lot of it, Adam is the sickest photographer artist I know. His work is more than just photographs as you will soon see. Depending on the project, he blends his talent with the camera with his skills in post-production (or whatever photographers call it) and graphic design.

Recently, Adam came out to do a photo shoot up here in Chicago/Evanston for WordP’s album cover. We shot at Mt. Trashmore in the freezing cold. I’ve done a few shoots with him and I know to just trust him because whatever you ask for he will give you better. Needless to say I recommend him for any project, anything. Now go be a fan.

Below our some examples of his work which can also be found on his facebook fan page. Here is one of his newer galleries – Woodpushin. I am sure he is available for hire too, so hire him before he is outside your budget in a few days.

Amazing work.

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