Standing at 6’3″ with the stature of a seasoned athlete, emerging rap artist MATH is ready to join fellow Brooklynites, The Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z, as one of Hip Hop’s greatest rappers of all time. MATH is prepared to take over the music industry, slaying all competition with his quick witted, thought provoking lyrics and charismatic yet unassailable flow.

No one-hit wonder here. MATH is after longevity and looks to make a significant contribution to the future of Hip Hop. Delivering venomous rhymes with his nostalgic technique, MATH is prepared to take no prisoners on his way to the throne as the next King of Hip Hop.

Since the beginning, MATH subscribed to the lifestyle of a street survivor, striving to make his way out of the Hood by any means necessary. An authentic product of the merciless streets of the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn during the infamous Crack Era, MATH was always a magnet for trouble. Surrounded by flamboyant, influential drug dealers and overwhelming flocks of desperate addicts, a young MATH became a stick-up kid in the early 1990s. Hungry and misguided, without any available productive outlets, he robbed those more fortunate than he and his family. As a teenager trying to make it through four years at the infamous George Wingate High School, known for its own heartless rules of the survival of the fittest, MATH constantly found himself in physical altercations with students and staff. During a brawl that has now become legendary MATH was cut with a razor blade on the right side of his face. This would prove to be a life-changing incident as the razor missed cutting his mother by inches and left him permanently scarred in the process. Till this day, the whereabouts of his overzealous assailant are unknown.

Unlike many of his Kings County comrades, MATH has managed to escape death and incarceration. He now has a new focus and outlook on life and has developed new long-term goals: to provide a safe and comfortable life for his son Kai. In a sincere attempt to leave the corrupt street life behind, he has joined forces with the rapidly upward bound High Profile Management and the Grammy Award winning Eastside Sound Recordings to go full-on with establishing his brand in the rap music industry. He has recorded songs with the likes of Foxy Brown and has appeared on Hot 97 FMs Street Soldiers in NYC and reigns among the Monday Night Fight Klub Elite battle MCs, destroying all competitors with his verbal arsenal.

In 2004, MATH had a vivid, prophetic dream of B.I.G. telling him that he was proud of his success and knew that he would be crowned the next King of New York. This dream provided MATH with the inspiration to complete his first album, THE DREAM. Production credits include heavyweight producers Clark Kent and Coptic. THE DREAM contains the new club bangers TV Gs and OH YEAH, and includes the street anthem DEDICATION. With these singles, MATH has taken the East Coast by storm, performing at venues such as; Club Speed (Shelter), Club Shine, Club Float, S.O.Bs, BKs, Lime Light, Pyramid, Broadway City, Flatbush Fair, Harlem Festival, Philly’s Club Chrome, Billboards in South Beach, and headlining the Jump Off Tri-State College Tour. MATH gained the Hood stamp of approval in May 2004 when he tore down the prison walls at Rikers Island Correctional Facility with a powerful performance featuring his crew The Union. MATH’s mixtape, GOING FOR BLOOD is available in stores now and has upcoming tour dates overseas.

MATH has taken advantage of the expansion of Hip Hop culture to the big screen and ventured into the film industry, landing two leading roles. He plays Dequan, an ex-rapper who returns to the mic in order to avoid a life of crime in the independent Hip Hop film Rap Wars One. The film quickly soared to the top becoming the number one selling DVD distributed through Maverick Platinum Series and can be found on DVD at local video stores nationwide. More recent, MATH wrapped his second film entitled The Body in which he plays a jealous lover tangled in a web of deceit and hood drama.

Diversity in this day and age can sometimes be a contradiction yet MATH has managed to master the art of creating hardcore battle raps and club bangers while maintaining his integrity and making heart felt songs that appeal to the female crowd. He has proven his ability to compete with established artists as he carves out his own unique sound. MATH is a refreshing addition to the crop of new MCs competing for the spotlight. He is sure to build a brand that will endure within a fickle industry and leave a legacy that inspires those who follow in his path. MATH is the future.

Songs Produced:

Trading Places


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