Makers of Sense – To The Warehouse [Special Remixes Edition] – Covelli Remix

My Remix

I met this producer, Brother El, on the plane to L.A. to go to the ASCAP expo. He was sitting next to me as I read pretended to read my book “The Expectant Father: Facts, Tips, and Advice for Dads-to-Be” (still need to finish this). I hate talking to people on planes… usually. It’s not that I don’t like people I’m shy, I just would rather take off and land without getting caught up in some dreadful pointless small talk, is that so wrong? Crazy how the world proves my routine flawed every time.

My wife sees the person next to me has an iPad with some turntable dj/music app on it. Naturally I’m interested, anything related to music will bring me out of my impending slumber. Come to find out, this guy is going to the ASCAP Expo too. My last blog entry went into the whole expo experience briefly, but basically it’s an event where music creators that are members of ASCAP go to mingle and learn in Los Angeles. This random passenger showed me a bunch of sick synth apps for his iPad, and we talked about a variety of random music subjects, a good prep for my first trip out to the expo. So we chop it up, exchange business cards, and blah blah blah, eventually it leads to me doing a remix for his group: Makers of Sense back in Chicago.

The remix album is up early on their bandcamp, and should be available shortly on their website, iTunes, facebook, and probably any other way you can think of to find it online (Google). Either way, check out track 3, which is the remix I did. I was definitely out of my element so it was a little more challenging. All of the tracks and remixes were done by people with roots in a variety of dance music, and so it’s not hard to pick out immediately which one comes from the Hip-Hop guy. I’m proud of it though so let me know what you think of it on Facebook.

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