Dance To “Frozen Yogurt” by WordP Produced By Brian Covelli (Dance By Meluchi / Soluchi)

One day I opened facebook to find a message with a link to this video.  I watched it, it was great.  It’s that simple.  Really though I am honored that a song I produced would inspire someone to make a video this sick.  The song is “Frozen Yogurt” by WordP (Produced by Brian Covelli) and it can be found for FREE at or on iTunes.  It will be on my upcoming compilation CD.

These guys are twins (Meluchi / Soluchi) and probably should be on MTV’s ABDC, or a music video, or backing at a concert, or something.  Go to youtube and comment and subscribe.  There are a few videos floating around and there are already thousands of views and comments for them.

Oh, and yeah, I could dance like that if I wanted to.  Enjoy.  – Covelli

“My Brother And I Came Across This Very Talented Producer Who Made Such Incredible Music, One Of Which Was “Frozen Yogurt” Which We Were Instantly Addicted To, So We Decided To Make A Dance Video For It. Visit For More Great Tracks. I Hope You Enjoy!!

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