Check out the new Chicago Bears fan song – Bearin Down Da Song

There is a song circulating around Chicago as the unofficial Chicago Bears Anthem for this year that is getting a lot of buzz among bears fans.  I know this because I am the producer behind the song. Take a listen and, if you enjoy it as much as everyone has so far, pass it on (It’s Free It’s only $0.99).

*UPDATE 12/23/10*

– We won the Chris Harris Bear Down Remix 2.0 Contest! – Here is the link to the official Chris Harris website and the contest announcement page –

Brian Covelli Wins ‘Bear Down Fight Song 2.0’ Contest!

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This is a new beat that guitarist Dan Linehan and I recently finished. The inspiration and direction comes from the deep south New Orleans bayou sound. Couple that with a triplet/swing hip-hop drum track, funky organs, Latin percussion, deep bass, and spacey synths and you get this odd masterpiece. Look out for more very soon. From our minds to your ears…enjoy. – Covelli


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