Summertime Chi – My First Music Video Venture

Here is my first music video I’ve completed solo. Yay! I worked on this with friend and Team Gone artist Apatight. The joint effort with photographer extraordinaire Adam Milton for the Illatribe track “Let Em Know” is still in the works, as well as something for Prelude. I basically worked with my T2i and a variety of lenses and gear. We went around Chicago shooting everything from Lake Shore Drive, Montrose Beach, Downtown, Different neighborhoods, our Bday BBQ (he stole my birthday), and Pressure Point Studio. Read more


Peter Jericho Single – “BODI” (Produced By Covelli)

Here’s a link to the single, “BODI”, I produced for Peter Jericho’s upcoming album “First Generation” –

Peter Jericho is currently working on his new album “First Generation” where “Bodi” the new single debuts. The inspiration behind “Bodi” came out of an unexpected trip back to Cameroon in December 2012 after he had not been home for over 10 years. Not only was he reunited with his family and old friends but he found himself inspired by the music and immersed in the culture. Read more


“Let Em Know” – Illatribe Music Video Coming Soon

Some behind the scene shots & still frames from the “Let Em Know” music video by Illatribe being filmed by Adam Milton and Brian Covelli: Read more


Baby Sophia CovelliProductions Covelli Makes A Beat

YouTube Link

I got this brand new baby, she is amazing. Then I got this brand new camera, and captured this ridiculousness while learning how to use it. Read more


Makers of Sense – To The Warehouse [Special Remixes Edition] – Covelli Remix

My Remix

I met this producer, Brother El, on the plane to L.A. to go to the ASCAP expo. He was sitting next to me as I read pretended to read my book “The Expectant Father: Facts, Tips, and Advice for Dads-to-Be” (still need to finish this). I hate talking to people on planes… usually. It’s not that I don’t like people I’m shy, I just would rather take off and land without getting caught up in some dreadful pointless small talk, is that so wrong? Crazy how the world proves my routine flawed every time.

My wife sees the person next to me has an iPad with some turntable dj/music app on it. Naturally I’m interested, anything related to music will bring me out of my impending slumber. Come to find out, this guy is going to the ASCAP Expo too. My last blog entry went into the whole expo experience briefly, but basically it’s an event where music creators that are members of ASCAP go to mingle and learn in Los Angeles. This random passenger showed me a bunch of sick synth apps for his iPad, and we talked about a variety of random music subjects, a good prep for my first trip out to the expo. So we chop it up, exchange business cards, and blah blah blah, eventually it leads to me doing a remix for his group: Makers of Sense back in Chicago.

The remix album is up early on their bandcamp, and should be available shortly on their website, iTunes, facebook, and probably any other way you can think of to find it online (Google). Either way, check out track 3, which is the remix I did. I was definitely out of my element so it was a little more challenging. All of the tracks and remixes were done by people with roots in a variety of dance music, and so it’s not hard to pick out immediately which one comes from the Hip-Hop guy. I’m proud of it though so let me know what you think of it on Facebook.



I finally decided to dive in and take the journey out to the ASCAP Expo this year. It truly was a rewarding and learning experience. I linked up with a TON of talented artists, producers, business folk, and creators. It was also nice to see some familiar faces from the iStandard Producers crew. Shot out to Brother El from the Makers of Sense, Amy Rodd, and anyone else who kept in contact. Needless to say, I plan on going back next year and every year after. So hit me up if you plan on going next year or want to see some of the highlights I have on DVD now from it. Highlights including Bruno Mars and the rest of The Smeezingtons talking about coming up as writers and their creative process, The Writer’s Jam where songwriters like Priscilla Renea sing their recent hit songs that are performed by some of today’s biggest artists, Ryan Tedder, and of course the mega Production duo Stargate (Katy Perry, Wiz Khalifa – Black & Yellow, and more)

Now for pics!

The Covelli’s in Hollywood:

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Beast of the Beats V – Beat Battle National Finals In NYC

I’m headed to NYC to compete in iStandard’s National Beat Finals, “Beast of the Beats V”. All the winners from the nationwide iStandard Producer Showcases from November 2010 to October 2011 will travel to NYC to determine this year’s ultimate “Beast of the Beats”!

This year, the stakes are higher than ever before. The winner of Beast of the Beats V will be the first producer sponsored by Monster Energy Drink, as well as be flown to Atlanta for a filmed studio session with Shady Recording Artist Yelawolf. There are also additional prizes from Native Instruments such as Maschine, Komplete 8, & Traktor Pro 2, and a whole lot more to be announced. In addition to the competition, judges and panelists include a long list of accomplished producers, A&R’s, and important figures in the music industry.

Night 1 –
Night 2 –

Help me vote on which beats to use! Remember I only get to play three instrumentals, for one minute each. Vote on Read more


Producer Cat – Frozen Yogurt

This is the song that shows the truth about who produces the songs at Covelli Productions. He was tired of being a ghost producer. Keyboard cat wanted to get on the track but Producer cat cut him because he kept playing that lame loop over and over.

This is what happens when you have a day of free time…smh. Anyway, download on iTunes NOW! – Song and Video produced by Brian Covelli.

More videos to be posted soon! (Probably not)


Album Leak: Covelli Productions Compilation Album Early Releases

The album was supposed to drop today on my birthday, June 6th. It never works out that way does it? So I decided to leak some to everyone as free downloads. Click the tab “Covelli Productions” at & get FREE songs from artists: Illatribe, P. Jericho, Lavesh from Lav & Will (FKA The Richkiddz), WordP, Arrogant, Deandreas McCanton, Alecia Evette, Kaya, Dub Zero, Grace Garcia, Math Hoffa, Michael SanFilippo, Stevie G., and more!

Covelli Compilation Album Early Releases

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2011 Chicago Beat Battle Winner

I recently took part in the 2011 iStandardProducers beat battle here in Chicago. I’ll never forget the night, it was crazy. I went last year to check out the show when Bliz Beats won. I knew I was going to enter the next one. People came out through the rain to pack the house, and I met a lot of the producers I was competing against. We are all on a similar path so even though we are competing, there is still a sense of community between all the producers.

I wasn’t really nervous when I finally went on stage, even though it was my first beat battle. I’m confident in my sounds and just wanted to show everyone the variety of genres I can move the crowd with. The elimination was the insane part. To have the top three separated by one point just shows how much talent Chicago and iStandard has.

The prizes for winning varied from musical goodies to a few interviews and entrance into the national Battle of the Beats in New York. The first interview is on the iStandard website already – sendspace.

There is an official video on the way but below is some footage from the event from a camera phone lol. Read more