Producer Cat – Frozen Yogurt

This is the song that shows the truth about who produces the songs at Covelli Productions. He was tired of being a ghost producer. Keyboard cat wanted to get on the track but Producer cat cut him because he kept playing that lame loop over and over.

This is what happens when you have a day of free time…smh. Anyway, download on iTunes NOW! – Song and Video produced by Brian Covelli.

More videos to be posted soon! (Probably not)


This is a new beat that guitarist Dan Linehan and I recently finished. The inspiration and direction comes from the deep south New Orleans bayou sound. Couple that with a triplet/swing hip-hop drum track, funky organs, Latin percussion, deep bass, and spacey synths and you get this odd masterpiece. Look out for more very soon. From our minds to your ears…enjoy. – Covelli