I designed/developed the website for Fit Team Go. Fit Team Go offers a new way to score better health, fitness and physique through teamwork. They are “dedicated to helping you realize more than you ever thought possible through cutting-edge workouts and tailored nutrition plans. Whether you workout with us 1-on-1 or with others during our team workouts, we guarantee you’ll get the motivation you need to push harder and achieve more.”

This project specifically needed an emphasis on connecting through social media, from scheduling down to blogs and picture galleries. Check out how I was able to develop a custom tab on Fit Team Go’s Facebook page, that pulls from the wordpress based site.

Personal Training

Workout one-on-one with a Fit Team Go Coach dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals.

60 minute sessions tailored for you
Highly-trained and motivating coach
Results you couldn’t achieve on your ownF-Personal2 (1)

Small Team Training

Get the best of both worlds by combining the individualized attention of personal training with the motivation of a small group.

60 minute sessions tailored for a small group
Targeted training for each team member from a coach
Participants can create their your own small group

Training Camp

Forget typical boot camps and join our Training Camp, which is designed with the intensity of moves a competitive sport team would use to get ready for the season.

60 minute team workout sessions
High energy sessions led together by Fit Team Go Coaches
Intense circuit training with a mix of strength training, cardio, core work, and stretching.

Strength & Flexibility

Build greater strength and flexibility through these progressive workouts designed to sculpt your body for unbelievable results.

60 minute team workout sessions
Mixture of static and dynamic stretches
Functional strength training with body weight

Core Training

Strengthen your core with this physical conditioning workout targeting your abs, back, pelvic floor and hips

60 minute workout session
Exercises designed to improve the strength and stability of core muscles
Includes TRX® suspension training, core exercises, and balance and stability moves

Game Day Challenge

From 5 and 10Ks to action-packed urban races, workout with us to prepare for local competitive events we’ll do together as a team.

45 minute team workout sessions
Exercises tailored to enhance performance for specific local fitness competitive events
Training and game day tips

Past Game Day Events

5K Beach Dash at Montrose BeachJuly 14th

Rock ‘n’ Roll Mini Marathon (3 miles) at Grant Park, July 22nd

Capoeira Class

Martial Arts Training for the complete fitness experience

Capoeira is an martial art that blends music, dance, singing, and acrobatics to create a holistic approach to learning self-defence. Originating in Africa, Capoeira was brought to Brazil by Western Africans who where captured through the slave trade. In Brazil Capoeira was developed into a method of defending themselves against their violent overlords. Capoeira is a martial art that incorporates cardio, flexibility, acrobatics and strength training. Participants start with a functional warm up and then go through a number of individual and partner drills in an hour and a half session working all areas of the body

Dan Linehan

Dan Linehan

FItness Coach

Daniel P. Linehan CPT-NCSF is a lifelong athlete who has developed a skill for helping people reach their health and fitness goals.When designing a fat-loss or fitness program for you, Daniel draws from an in-depth knowledge of how athletes train for their sports and applies that to your specific goal.

He designs intelligent training programs that, combined with healthy eating and a little hard work, get you the body you want.

Bryant Ousley

Bryant Ousley

FItness Coach

Bryant Ousley graduated from DePaul University in 2009. Shortly after graduating he obtained personal training certifications from NASM along with a specialty ISCA certification for kickboxing. Bryant possessefs over ten years of experience participating in multiple athletic events. He also has over 8 years of capoeira experience.

Bryant has also completed several sprint distance triathalons, half marathons and practices yoga regularly. It is quite clear that Bryant understands the importance of staying active. His background and overall athleticism provides him with the knowledge and skills necessary to train individuals of all fitness levels. Bryants personal determination and dedication is inspiring. He is committed to a healthy and fit lifestyle, believing that patience and passion for what you really want in life will propel you towards achieving your goals.

“Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness. ” – Earl of Derby