Alex and Phia Make a Beat 3

What is this mess?! The kids producing another hit! (I love making these with them).


Bulls 2013-2014 “From Chicago” song update and more updates update

Thank you for the continued support of our Bulls song (“From Chicago”). The Bulls are off to a rough start, but we will be fine, D. Rose is BACK! A lot of requests coming in to keep updating the song, hopefully we can oblige for this season.

Until then, check out some of the other projects I’ve been working on. Illatribe has some new videos on the way with J. Wood ready to drop his album finally. I’m working on new music with Arro and Alecia. and make sure to grab the Prelude album “Full Strenf” as I produced almost half of that masterpiece! Read more


I discovered how to make gifs, nobody is safe!

So an awesome by-product of starting to do more and more music videos, is learning how to do these ridiculous things… yea.

Nobody is safe.





Baby Sophia CovelliProductions Covelli Makes A Beat

YouTube Link

I got this brand new baby, she is amazing. Then I got this brand new camera, and captured this ridiculousness while learning how to use it. Read more


2011 Chicago Beat Battle Winner

I recently took part in the 2011 iStandardProducers beat battle here in Chicago. I’ll never forget the night, it was crazy. I went last year to check out the show when Bliz Beats won. I knew I was going to enter the next one. People came out through the rain to pack the house, and I met a lot of the producers I was competing against. We are all on a similar path so even though we are competing, there is still a sense of community between all the producers.

I wasn’t really nervous when I finally went on stage, even though it was my first beat battle. I’m confident in my sounds and just wanted to show everyone the variety of genres I can move the crowd with. The elimination was the insane part. To have the top three separated by one point just shows how much talent Chicago and iStandard has.

The prizes for winning varied from musical goodies to a few interviews and entrance into the national Battle of the Beats in New York. The first interview is on the iStandard website already – sendspace.

There is an official video on the way but below is some footage from the event from a camera phone lol. Read more


From Chicago – Chicago Bulls Anthem 2011-2012

[soundcloud id=’13658618′]

This is the song circulating around Chicago as the unofficial Chicago Bulls Anthem. Take a listen and, if you enjoy it as much as everyone has so far, pass it on! Presented by – The group that brought you “Bearin Down Da Song (Chicago Bears Anthem). We created the 2011 Chicago Bulls song for the #1 Seed in the East, your Chicago Bulls! Featuring Bobby Burns (1st Verse), J. Wood (2nd Verse), Deandreas (Bridge), WordP (3rd Verse), and P. Jericho (Chorus with Stacey King). Mixed By Matt Wheeler at Rax Trax Recording in Chicago. Song and Video produced by Brian Covelli.

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Check out the new Chicago Bears fan song – Bearin Down Da Song

[soundcloud id=’24101124′]

There is a song circulating around Chicago as the unofficial Chicago Bears Anthem for this year that is getting a lot of buzz among bears fans.  I know this because I am the producer behind the song. Take a listen and, if you enjoy it as much as everyone has so far, pass it on (It’s Free It’s only $0.99).

*UPDATE 12/23/10*

– We won the Chris Harris Bear Down Remix 2.0 Contest! – Here is the link to the official Chris Harris website and the contest announcement page –

Brian Covelli Wins ‘Bear Down Fight Song 2.0’ Contest!

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Adam Milton Photography

During my time at SIU I met a lot of talented people who leave no doubt in my mind that they are the best of the best at what they do. Adam Milton is one of those people. I worked with him in a few of our Audio Production classes on music projects and recording sessions. We came up with some great stuff including our final project (the beat “Go That Far” in the music player on the right). He played a nasty bass line and even did his best bass vocal (a la Nate Dogg) on the song.

Musical talent aside, and he has a lot of it, Adam is the sickest photographer artist I know. His work is more than just photographs as you will soon see. Depending on the project, he blends his talent with the camera with his skills in post-production (or whatever photographers call it) and graphic design.

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Math Hoffa / Iron Solomon – Trading Places (Produced by Covelli)

I wanted to post the link up to the collaboration between Math Hoffa and Iron Solomon that I produced. The two rappers are legendary battle rappers, and you can find plenty of youtube video of them battling each other. Links below. Also featuring Sciryl Cooper on the hook.

Math Hoffa and Iron Solomon

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WordP Show This Week!

WordP, one of my artists I produce for, is set to have a giant show this week in Minnesota.  It’s been months in the making and its incredible how much support and anticipation there is leading up to it.  Here’s the info from Facebook:


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