Bulls 2013-2014 “From Chicago” song update and more updates update

Thank you for the continued support of our Bulls song (“From Chicago”). The Bulls are off to a rough start, but we will be fine, D. Rose is BACK! A lot of requests coming in to keep updating the song, hopefully we can oblige for this season.

Until then, check out some of the other projects I’ve been working on. Illatribe has some new videos on the way with J. Wood ready to drop his album finally. I’m working on new music with Arro and Alecia. and make sure to grab the Prelude album “Full Strenf” as I produced almost half of that masterpiece!

“I don’t write **it down its all carved in the brain, and before it’s all over I hope you’re all entertained, but if u aint I aint even trippin doe, what another ****a thinks of me is for him to know… but he better keep it extra subliminal, or have his team ready to defend like Thibodeau



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