My Easter Eggs are better than your Easter Eggs

Actually I just got these in an email and thought it was amazing.  Really.  Amazing.  I encourage you to go in your any fridge and draw on the eggs.  It would be worth it just for the one second they open the carton up to make an omelet and AHHH!  OK its really not that exciting.  In music news check out the finished versions of Frozen Yogurt and Somewhere I did for Word P and look out for the newest song we are finishing up featuring Grace.  That will probably be one of the sickest songs I’ve produced, look for it to win a Grammy.  Happy Easter.

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  1. Brandon LaChance
    Brandon LaChance says:

    These are funny!! I’ve got a few interviews, going to get at you on Sunday. Then I got to get at Prelude. I got sick and my schedule has been real crazy. I’m getting it done though, piece by piece. Got to make this one a classic.

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